Online poker is a card game which was earlier played only in physical land based casinos but these days it’s online version is more prevalent. When you play online poker, you are playing against other players who may be present anywhere. You are not playing against the poker website which generally happens with land based casinos. The casino website never gambles instead it takes a small fraction of a winning portion in lieu of its services.

The mechanism of the same is mentioned below:

Poker website -It is the place where you can find information about the games. Rules and regulations , free guide and the game software downloader is also found on the website only.

poker software –It is the software on which the entire game of poker is being played. It can be installed through the website .when you run the program. It connects you to the poker game hosting server.

poker game server the central computer that hosts the poker games. The game server acts as a dealer, floorman and cashier. The game server acts as a game referee also. It ensures that all the rules of the game are being followed.

the players the people who are playing poker with each other. Each person is sitting in their home on their own computer which is connected to the poker game server via the internet.

You can play online poker for free money or real money. When you play for free money, then you get free chips . This facility is generally for beginners. When you are finished with free chips then you can ask for even more. The sites simply make their profit by collecting rake from the real money pots.

Where real money is involved, the question arises that which website should be trusted? Just scan the websites thoroughly and see their ratings and years in the business. There are several websites which have spent 4-5 years in the business so they are trustworthy than many new entrants.

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