Suppose you are suspicious of your child watching R rated movie then you won’t go and ban the movie. If the movie is being banned then there are huge chances that it would be downloaded from the internet and so banning a movie could not be the solution. In the same way if you want to keep a child from gambling online then all the online casinos should be regulated and monitored, not banned. You can hear many people talking about online casinos and it being banned.

The same can be related to the legalization of Marijuana. Suppose if marijuana is being legalizes the States with certain regulations, then the same would be available at the stores near you and no one with a regulated quantity would be arrested and thus govt. expenditure would be saved.

By making online gambling in the USA a form of adult entertainment it would also bring in an estimated 1.8 billion dollars in revenues to the government. This money would definitely be used for public welfare and growth.

Just by telling the people that gambling is bad and they shouldn’t do it won’t solve the problem as people are in a habit of doing the same thing about which they have been warned.

The level of addiction with the casino would be same as with online or a traditional casino but the major difference is in a regulated online casino people are not over-leveraged and thus incur less losses. In regulated casinos the amount of loss and other things are crystal clear whereas in illegal casinos you are left only when you are completely broke.

So all in all the people should be taught about the ill-effects of gambling. Everything is it gambling is good up to a certain limit but after a certain boundaries things begun to deteriorate and thus create a mess. It’s high time than the govt. should take some heavy action on the illegal casinos operative and make people aware of the ill-effects of the same. Govt. on the same hand should educate the people who opt for legal version which would prevent them from bearing big loss.